Peddle Soft - ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning tool for Professional Bodies.

About Peddle Soft - ERP

This is an integrated management tool for the core business processes of professional bodies.

Peddle Soft - Enterprise Resource Planning system transforms, integrates and scale Professional bodies. It integrates processes across business functions - from Membership management, accounting, information dispersal, etc. It supports the multiple functions of any professional body.
Peddle Soft - ERP synchronizes Reporting and Automation: hence no need to maintain separate databases. Its expanded to encompass Business Intelligence handling "Front office" functions and automating the "Back Office"

Business Value of Peddle Soft

At its core, Peddle Soft - ERP for Professional Bodies allows the members, but most especially the executive to be more efficient by breaking down barriers between members and various executive duties that need to be carried out.
It gives a global, real-time view of data that can enable Professional Bodies to address concerns proactively and drive improvements.
Improves financial compliance with regulatory standards and reduces risk.
Automates core business operations of professional bodies, from Membership registration, membership dues payment with e-collection/ online payment systems